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The Idiocy of Shrinks, & the Importance of Boundaries

Shrinks, and I use that term loosely, are little more than blind guides and hypocrites, I’ve found.  Pastors, therapists, psychiatrists–they’re well-meaning, but fools with whom I’ve wasted an inordinate amount of time and money. Over time, as I got more … Continue reading

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An Interface: My Solution to Everything

My recipe for success basically involves acquiring an “interface. “  An interface involves basically doing all the things I don’t wish to, or am not good at it; in short keeps me from being overwhelmed. I basically have failed, in … Continue reading

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Wanna Be My Friend?

Let it be said that my mother’s frustrated me. I wasted a lot of time arguing with her, which was a waste of time, I now accept, but I daresay I doesn’t take whit away from her track record of … Continue reading

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Of Pitfalls & Resilience

Well, this is my first blog entry here.  I made one stab at a blog before, back in 2005, but this is going to be a more concerted effort, God willing, chronicling my journey to pull my life together. And … Continue reading

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