Looking for Strangers Like Me.

Maybe my statements purported by me in my last blog don’t strike you as truth, but I’ve thought it through a  great deal, on top of my personal experiences–that, and I’ve researched a lot on social dynamics, body language, seduction, and the like.

To test my ideas, I’m actively looking for people to argue with, in fact.  Not all my thinking is right, but I’m actively trying to learn what is, which is, I daresay, better than the shrinks. I’ve tried to test my ideas with them, but they were simply unwilling.

I might not be depressed, but I am still apathetic, which is a drag.  I’m looking for people to argue with as both personal therapy, and also test drive for social dynamic concepts in the larger sense.  If anything, this post is basically a “help wanted,” ad, ain’t it?

I think that someone, be he willing, could both learn, and come to appreciate my system, a lot like  how it takes to learn the right instincts in martial arts.  In it, the Golden Rule is both scepter and club in which we both take turns beating each other over the head with it.

I’ve been accused of having a big ego, but such a scenario actually keeps it in check, because, at least as my thinking goes, it keeps it in check, give you hafta keep acknowledging the other’s right, and not just anti-septically.  I like the image of beatings and brutality, but suspect that my plan leads more to  fusion than bruised egos.

So in summation, taste and see if I’m not willing to live up to my conceits; test me for hypocrisy, by all means.  If I’m a bully, I deserve rebuke and worse, but if not, please acknowledge.  I started this blog to reach out to others, and learn about myself, and am seeking help now to do exactly thus.

I wanna know, can you show me?
I wanna know about these
strangers like me…–Phil Collins


About Noitartst

You wanna know about me? Oh, I think, write, and fury. I'd say that about covers it.
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