Morphic Shifts

I argue, because I want to trigger morphic shifts in others.  And what, pray tell, is a morphic shift, or transitioning?  Well, paradigms change, and then they do, that’s a morphic shift, for instance. 

Archeology for years knew that the temple of Gobekli Tepe was thousands of years older than any other similar structure, and yet it wasn’t until recently that it became commonly known and disseminated.  It was long known about unease upon the Arab Street, yet only last year didst the Arab Spring bloom.  Why?  Well, events came to finally reflect reality, or at least the perceived change in it.

Now I love ideas, and I love argument, but reason alone doesn’t work too well, as I’ve found the hard way.  Social dynamics come into play, and I’ve spent my life fighting them, as opposed to jiving.

Manipulating of social dynamics will be for another blog, but mophic shifts (paradigm shifts are the most prosaic of morphic shifts, let’s just say) are what I seek.  Like many thinkers (crazies) before me, I’ve been beholden to the dream the reason reason alone can change the world, and, like so many before me, have battle disillusionment when I came to realize it was not that simple. 

No, reason alone can’t trigger morphic shifts, but if you do know a thing or two about social dynamics, then dare I say that morphic changes on behalf of reason can break forth on a a far less tortured trajectory.

See ya.


About Noitartst

You wanna know about me? Oh, I think, write, and fury. I'd say that about covers it.
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