I’ve Got Me an Interface…Prepare for the Changing of the Guards!

Well, so you know, audience, (assuming, of course, that I’ve still got one) I have indeed found myself a volunteer for an interface, and intend to have a successful Internet start-up within a year, or by the dawn of July, 2013.

It’s taken me a long time to attain this point, and have pretty much wasted the first fifteen years of my adult life, but beter late then never, I say.   Looking back, there’ve been a lot of things I could have done to prepare when I left home in 2006 for a homeless shelter with some $20,000 in stocks, but I was losing my marbles then, and now, I’m sane…maybe even too much, so.

At least for the first time in nearly twenty years, I happen to be focused, and that sure beats where I’ve been.  I don’t know how much time, or the quality therein, that I’ll have, in the future, but if it’s short, it’s a shame, because the future sure looks like fun to me.

I’m getting kicked outta my current domicile by the end of next month, and I don’t have any money left, nor much passion, to speak of, but even so, I couldn’t feel better for my age, all things considered.

Bob Dylan said your hearts must have the courage for the changing of the guards, and I, for one, think I’m ready.


About Noitartst

You wanna know about me? Oh, I think, write, and fury. I'd say that about covers it.
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