The Dark Knight Rises…Like a Bat Outta Hell

Well, I’ve been told that I focus too much on the darkness in life, but I disagree.  The darkness is there to begin with, so how do you cope?  A lot of folks find tales, like The Dark Knight Rises, to be dangerous, inspiring the worst, but it can, and does inspire the best, like it was meant to. 

It seems this movie franchise inspired someone to go out and make a massacre, but most don’t go that way.  I like to think that those three men who sacrificed themselves for their dates at least a little bit inspired by the same wellspring as their killer to go in the opposite direction, and in doing so, made the right choice.

Just look at its two protagonists, Bane and Batman, both having to cope with severe childhood trauma.  Batman’s, you should know, but Bane was born in prison, with no chance of release.  Faced with nothing but darkness and despair, rather than knuckling under, Bane endures, and eventually attains freedom. 

But Bane believes that enduring darkness and despair alone is true strength, and by exporting darkness and despair to the greater world, and Gotham, in particular, he is doing them a favor.  (Most would call turning a whole island filled with twelve million citizens into a  hellhole patterned after the one you left evil, but telling that to Bane.)

Hardened survivor that he is, Bane breaks Batman’s back, and surreptitiously tosses him into the pit of a prison that only one has ever escaped, allowing him just enough hope and resources for him to try to escape…and fail.  “Only then,” he warns,”Do you have permission to die.”

Well, Batman tries, and ultimately succeeds, buecoming only the second soul to climb out, but you know what?  Bane wasn’t the first.  Bane was strong enough to survive until he was eventually freed, but not climb out.  Why?  Because Batman had hope, and Bane didn’t, which ultimately leads to Batman beating Bane in the end. 

Those that live in caves and come to the conclusion that darkness beats light, and therefore belittle it have dwelled there too long.  Yes, the saga of the Batman and such tales of light over night, have those who’ve misread them, such as the Movie Massacre killer did, but most read them aright, and in them, many inspiration, especially those who had to deal with significant darkness themselves.

As an artist, I’ve been accused of morbidity in my art from those closest to me.  “You’ve got a dark side,” they say, and I do.  After watching Bane in the theater, I must say I kinda like him, always waxing poetic about pain suffering, and proceeding to teach others hard truths through, but that doesn’t make me a monster.

On the contrary, I look upon serial profilers and their airs of superiority of their superiority aghast!  If not for the grace of God there go you, kind kind sir, and don’t you forget it.  After all, are not all soul potential monsters, and is not Batman, in his way, a monster himself?

Unless mistaken, I laugh at Bane’s inhumane acts not in sadistic thrill, but rather in empathetic humility.  Like all sane folks, I fight the night, but not with fear and pretensions of superiority (or at least I think I am). 

Faith and hope is enough, folks, and if you’ve you’ve stumbled  around long enough to come to the conclusion that hope is enough to keep you from morphing to a monster, then you’re that much further ahead of the most who aren’t that certain, and rebuke the few that are.

Hope has to be.


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