Lena Dunham, Feminism, & the Feminist Attitude

Recently, I read an article where Lena Dunham, the creator of [I]Girls[/I], said she was annoyed when she heard some women weren’t feminist.  To her, feminism essentially about social equality, and if you didn’t believe you should serve your man just because he was a man, well, you were a feminist, in her book.

Well, I wish I still had access to the article, to quote it verbatim, but it got me thinking, because under it, even I, a sociallly conservative male, could argued to be a feminist, mainly because I think that we are, and should be, equal under the law, that women can get jobs if they want, that if women wanna wear pants, I’m not gonna make a federal case out of it, and stuff like that.

Lena Dunham believes in “feminism,” but in my estimation, is not a feminist, because of her attitude, which a lot of genuine feminists decry, and for good reason.  A true believer starts not with belief, but with attitude, and that attitude, more than specific beliefs, are what give a movement its vibe.  As a result, the genuine feminists are more than a little concerned about their movement–and they should be.

The feminists see their movement being handed over to a bunch of silly, frivolous, tattoo-donning post-feminists, dames which claim to be feminists, but aren’t namely because they don’t see things in terms of gender struggle, like they do.

Beyond the apostate post-feminists, the feminists have to contend with the large numbers of women who don’t deem themselves feminist, but pretty much share the beliefs of  Lena Dunham, and certainly don’t want the right to an abortion to vanish.

To wit, feminist sensibilities have permeated the culture; feminist sensibilities, on the other hand, have not; get it?

As such, people have pondered the meaning that Lena Dunham and her series has on popular culture, and I think it’s pretty obvious.  Namely, I think the forces of polititical correctness are fraying internally, and the initial forces that brought feminism to the fore are an increasingly spent force, and while I’m sure I’d hate [I]Girls[/I], it seems to be furthering certain causes–and attitudes–that I find conducive….


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