The Trouble With Intellectual Women

Now don’t get me wrong, but intellectual women can be just a little annoying. and this comes from someone who likes smart women, and this goes beyond issues of feminism.

Now I have great admiration for my (staunchly non-feminist) mother, and consider her in a class of only three I’d deign to call “friend,” but at the same time, there’s a bit of a snob to her intellectually, I’d say.

It came out, once, at an extended family reunion, where there was a wife of one of our blood-relations around, her and her oversized lab-rottie mix.  SHe was  a lot of fun, I thought, in terms of sheer energy and enthusiasm, I thought, but I’ll never forget how she mentioned how she had almost certainly never gone to college like it was a class distinction.

Such never even crossed my mind, but to her it’s a very real denominator, dating from childhood, being raised by my hard-charging grandmother, a woman of great energy, but less thoughtfulness, let’s just say.

I always liked her, obnoxiousness and all, but out of all my immediate family relation, I was probably the only one that could see why Grandpa wed her.  Had I been raised by her may well not be so sanguine of her, as my mother was, but still.

I’ve always viewed people as interesting or uninteresting, without any real judgment involved in the process.  That way, I’ve never really gotten involved in looking down on people, but I’m afraid others do.

My mother’s judgmentalism comes out in my squealing nieces, too; as a tomboy, she just doesn’t have much in common with them, which is a shame; me I find ’em kind of cute.  Yes, one is really antsy, and can get way too worked up, but that hasn’t turned me away from happy little girls playing around.

Were I a schoolteacher like my mother, I might have less patience, too, but I actually like girls that act feminine, and she doesn’t.  And that, folks, speaks to a common trouble of intellectual dames–lack of feminine instinct.

Intellectuals lack instincts in general, but with women in general, it’s especially pronounced.  It tends to make them more judgmental towards their own kind, and I just don’t see the need.

Feminism came from college campuses, and I dare say it’s an ideology forged in large part from a deep-seated alienation with their less-scholarly females.  As I see it, if you have low instincts and don’t like folks who do have them, then it’s easy to judge, and I think that’s what has happened.

Humanity as a whole, though, is a lot more instinctive than intellectuals and feminists think it is, and and anytime there’s an ideology at odds with reality, there’s a-bruisin’ in the wings.

In the end, though, true smarts is not to read books and talk about them, but instead to be self-aware.  If constant research furthers that goal, then your efforts are not in vain, but if otherwise, beware lest you’ve become a nuisance.


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