Ah, Syria: You’re an Idjit, Mr. Obama

Pardon my thinking so poor of you, Mr. Obama, but you’re probably label me a racist for what I’m about to say.

Mr. President, your Syrian policy is a joke.  You may be following some internal plan, or know some insider facts I ain’t privy to, but best I figure, your logic here has led you, us, and Syria–off the rails.

And here’s how.

Alright, at the dawn of the Arab Spring,  in in 2011, after Russia’s row over Libya, and as protests in Syria were breaking out, you chose to support the dissidents there, like you did in Libya, even if you didn’t get the UN support there like you did in Libya.  Trouble is, you weren’t prepared to use force sans a UN resolution.  

Alright, if you effectively treated Russia’s UN veto as a veto, you shouldn’t have kept alienating the Russians as partners, even as they ostensibly tried to work in what you agreed.  You were being clearly disingenuous with them, and why wouldn’t they feel frustrated?

You were mostly trying to avoid looking like Bush, but guess what?  That’s what you wound up doing, didn’t you?  By using the “weapons of mass destruction” gambit, you followed in his exact footsteps, and nobody bought it.  

You should have followed the positive example of Clinton in Kosovo, in 1999, and not worried about negative ones, as much.  Had you chosen to take military action in 2011 in lieu of Russian actions, you would have had emotional momentum at your back, but in 2013, you had none, plus you were catering to recent history in the worst way possible.

Newsflash, Barack:   Legitimacy, ultimately, is about hearts and minds, not rules and laws.  After all, that’s why Abraham Lincoln, another lawyer, no less, is seen as a great man, and not some abuser of the constitution, given how he suspended the constitution in part.  

It seems the UN agrees with you about nerve gas in Syria, but don’t you see how small you were?  Everyone knows why you were doing it, namely to end an abusive tyrant, but you never really framed it like that, did you?  After all those months of in action, it seemed like you were arbitrarily taking action, and it just felt like an excuse.  

Following the Russian veto, you effectively told America and the world, “Well, everyone, I guess Syria isn’t worth doing anything about.”  Let’s forget your words sir–action, or inaction, as the case depends, speaks louder, and that’s the message received, full stop.  

For all his shortcomings, your pal Erdogan is a great example of what you’re supposed to do, namely lead the public to your point of view.  Erdogan’s creation and manipulation of the Mavi Marmara incident may not have been welcome, but it still shows how a leader can make something happen, out of the blue.

Well, Mr. President, you need to follow Erdogan’s example, make something happen in Syria, given you’re still mulling military options, and aren’t truly serious about working with Russia, if I read you right.  

You deeply gall me, sir.  Yes, Assad has a lot of blood on his hands, and yes, Putin does, too, but have a hand in that bloodbath, also, because you; as they will no doubt tell you, you egged them on, and totally refused to clasp palms and work with them (within their lights) to end it.  

Obama, you resorted to half-measures, infuriating everyone, and to little effect, you know?  You can’t please everyone, but pleasing none, alas, whilst being totally ineffective in the process, is unforgivable.  

And so, Mr. President, do you think me a racist?  If so, I guess that would explain your lack of interest in following whose example might be otherwise encouraging.


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You wanna know about me? Oh, I think, write, and fury. I'd say that about covers it.
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